A question I am often asked is how long will my driveline last?  To be honest there is no definitive answer.  There are so many variables involved that a chain, cassette and chain-rings may last thousands upon thousands of kilometres on some bikes and as little as a few hundred kilometres on others.

Just some of the variables that determine driveline lifespan are; the quality of the components, the conditions in which they are ridden, how well they are cleaned and lubricated, how regularly they are cleaned and lubricated and whether the rider uses only a few gears or most of them to distribute load and wear.

Of the aforementioned variables it’s kilometres travelled and cleanliness that will play the biggest part in driveline wear.

So what can you do to make your driveline last as long as possible?  Keep it clean and lubricated!  A dry and dirty driveline will wear out very quickly, not to mention will feel and sound terrible.

If you are pressed for time then simply wipe your chain, cassette and chain-rings down with a rag and re-lube the chain.  If you have a little more time then it’s nice to degrease and rinse, then re-lube.  Just remember to clean the cassette (rear cogs) and chain-rings (front cogs) as well as the chain.  There are tools on the market such as the Park Tool Gear Clean Brush http://www.parktool.com/product/gearclean-r-brush-gsc-1 and the Park Tool Chain Scrubber http://www.parktool.com/product/cyclone-chain-scrubber-CM-5-2 that some people find convenient.

The signs and symptoms that your driveline may be nearing replacement are; slipping under load, decreased shifting performance and noisy chain operation, even when clean and lubricated.

If you’re not sure on the state of your driveline on your bike then contact me and I can assess the components with specific tools to measure the wear on the chain and cassette.  MBW offers free no obligation quotes throughout the Canberra region.