Welcome! Being the first post in the new blog I thought I would briefly set the scene for where I’ve come from and what the future of the Mobile Bicycle Workshop holds.

I’ve been working in the cycling industry as a bike mechanic for about 20 years now, varying between part-time and full-time roles. A few years ago I returned to the industry full-time doing what I love – working on bikes. Now I have pursued the opportunity to run my own business specialising in bicycle repair.

I love bikes, whether it is riding them or working on them, they are versatile machines that mean different things to different people. From transport, to racing, to the once-a-month lake-lapping machine, they hold a significant place in many people’s lives.

With Mobile Bicycle Workshop I want to take the hassle out of bike repairs and servicing and give people the confidence that the person who is working on their bike will care for their bike as much…or more than they do.