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How long is a piece of string?

A question I am often asked is how long will my driveline last?  To be honest there is no definitive answer.  There are so many variables involved that a chain, cassette and chain-rings may last thousands upon thousands of kilometres […]

Small part, big problems

I’m going to try and help out with hints, tips and info to keep your bike running smoothly.  As I come across issues and ideas in my course of work I’ll post them up here. Now I’m going to start […]

It’s an interesting industry

Over the years I have seen some very interesting items during my work, ranging from the entertaining to the dangerous. From a bike that a Kenyan man had made himself and was riding around the world to raise money for […]

Shane’s Bike Maintenance Tips

Welcome! Being the first post in the new blog I thought I would briefly set the scene for where I’ve come from and what the future of the Mobile Bicycle Workshop holds. I’ve been working in the cycling industry as […]